- For consumer or corporate lending
- Comprehensive package of features from fraud prevention to online banking
- Works equally well with small loans and big loans, small volumes and large volumes, short maturities and long maturities
- Supports multiple brands and loan products in one platform
- Fully customisable scoring parameters
- Automated, paperless processing
- Complete loan portfolio management
- Anti Money Laundering (AML) function
- Strong authentication and electronic signatures
- Online banking for your customers

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Integrates easily with credit rating agencies, affiliates, loan brokers and external databases.

Integration with SPSS and R data analysis.

Integration with communication systems: call systems and messaging gateways:

- Interviewing loan applicants
- Contacting payment delays
- Call recordings
- Surveys, campaigns, appointment booking
- Advanced 2-Way SMS messaging
- Email newsletters


Invoicing and Accounts receivable (sales ledger)


- Paper, e-mail (PDF) and e-invoicing
- Automated monthly billing
- Accounts Receivable
- Debt recovery
- Bank connections
- Reports and charts
- IFRS compliant



The development of financial systems is a continuous process. We meet the following regulations:

  • GDPR
  • PSD2
  • IFRS


We provide our Software as a Service (SaaS).

For each customer we deploy our platform in private cloud, provided by Equinix, to your closest certified Equinix datacenter. We do not use public cloud services, your data is safe and located in the EU at all times.

Because we are the business critical system provider for our customers, we have been audited by banks and private equity funds.

We are fully GDPR compliant.


Delivery model - Lending service

We make it easy.

We do not provide only the software. We deliver turnkey service.

We define and customize the platform in accordance with your best practices and processes, up to the first loans granted.

We set the parameters and simplify the platform according to your requirements. There are no unnecessary functions.


Integrations - API's

Lending platform can be easily integrated with your key partners, who provide services and data for financial processes.

- Loan brokers
- Affiliates
- Credit information
- Bank account information (PSD2)
- Identification
- Electronic signatures
- Document archives
- Debt collection
- Communication
- Statistical analysis